Do and does

The Magic Do (Meanings of Do) 
      1- Action:   What are you doing?
      2- Behave/ act:   Do as you are told.
      3- Success:    How is the business doing?
      4- Perform/ work:    I have a lot of things to do.
      5- Task: wash/clean:    I did the dishes.
      6- Tasks mentioned:   I’m doing the ironing.
      7- Job:   What do you do?
      8- Learn/ study:  I’m doing physics.
      9- Solve:    I can’t do this sum.
      10- Produce / Make:    I’ll do you a copy.
      11- Perform:   They are doing “Hamlet” next month.
      12- Copy:    Can you do an Isfahani accent?
      13- Finish:   I have done it.
      14- Travel:    How many miles did you do?
      15- Complete a trip:    We did the round trip in 2 hours.
      16- Speed:    The car was doing 90 miles per hour.
      17- Visit:     We did Tokyo in 3 day.
      18- Spend:     She did a year at college.
      19- Cut the hair:    The hairdresser did me at 3 o’clock.
      20- Suitable: This jacket won’t do for the party.
      21- Enough:    Will $20 do?
      22- Cook:     How would you like your steak done?
      23- Cheat:     We have been done.
      24- Punish:    She got done for speeding.
      25- Fasten:     Do your shoes.
      26- Emphasize:     I do go to see him.
      27- Rob:  The gangs did the bank.
      28- Take: They don’t do drugs.
      29- Open:    I undid the box.
      30- Cancel the effect of:    He undid most of the good work of the previous
      31- Fail:     The team was undone by the opponents.
      32- Down fall / Ruin:     That one mistake was his undoing.
      33- Edit:    We occasionally undo some programs.
      34- Upset:   She has come undone.
      35- Unsatisfactory:    It really won’t do.
      36- Look attractive:    That doesn’t do any thing for her.
      37- Announce:     I do the weather report on KNTV.

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